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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Six Weeks After

I was originally supposed to go back to work on April 1, but extended my maternity leave until April 28th.  I'm SO thankful we were able to do this.  Mason is just so little and I don't want to leave him yet!

When I extended my maternity leave I also told the district I wouldn't be returning next year.  That was a little difficult.  The decision to leave Kindergarten was easy (2 years is enough!) but I had entertained the idea of teaching middle school, AND there was a science position open which I would have loved. I also enjoy teaching a lot and who knows if I would enjoy it enough to teach as my full time job instead of stay at home?  On the other hand, I do feel like staying at home with Mason will be a rewarding full time job too (going back to school on the 28th will be a vacation from being "on call" 24/7!), even though I will have to work harder for the adult interaction that I no doubt will need to stay sane.

Breastfeeding has gotten easier, I've been pumping and feeding through a bottle primarily but occasionally he'll nurse (only when he's not feeling lazy... it takes more work for him to nurse).  Pumping every 2-3 hours is exhausting!  I've started a pretty nice milk storage in the freezer so I'll have enough when I go back to work.  I also eat a ton so I can produce enough milk.  It's not hard to eat more, I'm constantly starving!  I feel like a teenager again.

Mason has started to respond more to us- he's smiling!  And he's able to follow us with his eyes when we move around.  It's exciting to say "Hi baby!" and see him respond with his big grin.  He also rolled over at 3 weeks from his stomach to his back!  He's a pretty strong baby and can sit up in his Bumbo at 1 month.

Sometimes he'll lie down on his activity mat (on his back- if we try tummy time, he'll stay on his tummy for awhile but the roll over to his back) and other times he's tired so he falls asleep.  This outfit is one of my favorites!  He's so soft and cuddly in his fleece flannel.

This is Mason crying- Oliver feels like he needs to watch Mason when he's crying, and other times when it's the middle of the night and Oliver is tired, he will go far away from Mason - usually on the couch - and bury his head in pillows and covers as if to say MAKE IT STOP!  

The pictures below are our pictures from Mason's first Easter!  He looked so handsome in his blue plaid and khakis.  Tyler cleaned up pretty nice too ;).  Mason slept through church again and we went to Tyler's parents house for lunch.  Justin and Lesley came to our family lunch too since they're basically family!

Tomorrow is my 6 week doctor appointment.  I don't anticipate any problems since I think I'm healing well.  I haven't worked out since I had Mason because I didn't want to mess anything up if it hadn't healed yet, also I just wanted to be told I could from the doctor.  I can fit into my old clothes but they just don't fit right!  I have more weight in places I'm not used to, so I'll be working to get rid of that so my clothes can fit and I don't have to buy a new wardrobe.

Altogether the first 6 weeks have been pretty good.  It's exhausting but exciting, and seeing Mason smile makes all the exhaustion go away.  It's all worth it!