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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bikini Body Mommies

Ashley and I are on DAY 3 and we aren't quitting!  If we make it a week we get to buy a new workout item.  2 weeks and we get a spa day.  The workouts are tough but we're doing it!  Kicking butt and losing ours.  And running/walking 3 miles is much harder when you're pushing 40 pounds of resistance from a stroller!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hi there!

Well.  It's been awhile since I've written!  It's been interesting balancing priorities and figuring out which thing is important to do, obviously blogging has not been high on the list :) but I'm working on it.  Mason is 6 months old!  He is in the 50th percentile in everything, except he is already crawling and pulling up which isn't supposed to happen until he's 9 months old.  The doctor was impressed at his 6 month appointment!  I am not impressed because now I have to chase him around 3 months earlier than I expected :).  Mason gave me no time to prepare for this!  We had his 6 month pictures taken by Abby Smith from church, she did a fabulous job.
Love this smile!!

It was weird when the beginning of August rolled around and I wasn't preparing a classroom or getting the end of summer blues.  Since staying at home is my new job, I had to make some sort of "job description" so I would have some sort of structure (I know that's a little ridiculous) so now I have this cleaning schedule printed - thanks, Pinterest! - and have started price matching so I can get better deals when I go grocery shopping - thanks, Amy!  I know that sounds like a typical stay at home mom... watching a kid, working out, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, bor-ing stuff.  But I enjoy the challenge of trying to fit all of that into a day between a needy, sweet little baby!  And I enjoy stretching the money Tyler makes, it's a challenge to stick to the budget.  I am less stressed when my house has less mess.  Now let's be honest, have I followed that cleaning schedule religiously?  No.  Have we had pizza delivered to our house the past 2 nights?  Yes.  Oops :) 

Today my friend Ashley and I began a 90 day workout challenge with Bikini Body Mommy.  You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram, we did the Fit Test today and it was INTENSE!  I hope we can be great accountability partners throughout these next few months.  We're going on vacation together in a few weeks so hopefully we can stick with it then too.  If you're reading this and want to be my accountability partner you can start here.  I can always use more accountability partners!

Tomorrow is Glendale Christian Church's open house for MOPS.  My friend Megan goes to church there and so we'll both do that together.  I'm excited to meet more people!  It's been fun getting to know my neighbors and I hope to have a big neighborhood party soon.. just for the people we've met though, I'm not trying to host all of Rolling Prairie!!  Some are stay at home moms, some aren't, but they've all been really nice.  I love having normal neighbors.  The last houses we've lived in have had some real nut jobs as neighbors.  

I'm slowly decorating my house, while it slowly accumulates more baby things here and there.  "This painting would look great above the high chair and stationary jumper"...