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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bikini Body Mommies

Ashley and I are on DAY 3 and we aren't quitting!  If we make it a week we get to buy a new workout item.  2 weeks and we get a spa day.  The workouts are tough but we're doing it!  Kicking butt and losing ours.  And running/walking 3 miles is much harder when you're pushing 40 pounds of resistance from a stroller!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hi there!

Well.  It's been awhile since I've written!  It's been interesting balancing priorities and figuring out which thing is important to do, obviously blogging has not been high on the list :) but I'm working on it.  Mason is 6 months old!  He is in the 50th percentile in everything, except he is already crawling and pulling up which isn't supposed to happen until he's 9 months old.  The doctor was impressed at his 6 month appointment!  I am not impressed because now I have to chase him around 3 months earlier than I expected :).  Mason gave me no time to prepare for this!  We had his 6 month pictures taken by Abby Smith from church, she did a fabulous job.
Love this smile!!

It was weird when the beginning of August rolled around and I wasn't preparing a classroom or getting the end of summer blues.  Since staying at home is my new job, I had to make some sort of "job description" so I would have some sort of structure (I know that's a little ridiculous) so now I have this cleaning schedule printed - thanks, Pinterest! - and have started price matching so I can get better deals when I go grocery shopping - thanks, Amy!  I know that sounds like a typical stay at home mom... watching a kid, working out, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, bor-ing stuff.  But I enjoy the challenge of trying to fit all of that into a day between a needy, sweet little baby!  And I enjoy stretching the money Tyler makes, it's a challenge to stick to the budget.  I am less stressed when my house has less mess.  Now let's be honest, have I followed that cleaning schedule religiously?  No.  Have we had pizza delivered to our house the past 2 nights?  Yes.  Oops :) 

Today my friend Ashley and I began a 90 day workout challenge with Bikini Body Mommy.  You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram, we did the Fit Test today and it was INTENSE!  I hope we can be great accountability partners throughout these next few months.  We're going on vacation together in a few weeks so hopefully we can stick with it then too.  If you're reading this and want to be my accountability partner you can start here.  I can always use more accountability partners!

Tomorrow is Glendale Christian Church's open house for MOPS.  My friend Megan goes to church there and so we'll both do that together.  I'm excited to meet more people!  It's been fun getting to know my neighbors and I hope to have a big neighborhood party soon.. just for the people we've met though, I'm not trying to host all of Rolling Prairie!!  Some are stay at home moms, some aren't, but they've all been really nice.  I love having normal neighbors.  The last houses we've lived in have had some real nut jobs as neighbors.  

I'm slowly decorating my house, while it slowly accumulates more baby things here and there.  "This painting would look great above the high chair and stationary jumper"... 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby Stuff.

When we brought Mason home we kind of had an idea of what to do with him, and thank goodness we had family in town to help us out.  After the first few days of chaos, I thought we needed some kind of schedule because I was going crazy because he was so unpredictable!  I later learned that babies are unpredictable :) and at 4 weeks we introduced a schedule - feed him, keep him awake for 1.5 hours after feeding, then let him take a 1.5 hour nap.  We have been doing this schedule with him since he is 4 weeks old and now he's sleeping 5-6 hours at night at 10 weeks.  I think that's normal but I don't know and I'm not sure if you can compare babies sleeping at night since they're all so different.  But I can't complain!  I am a lot more sane having an idea of what to expect, and he knows what to expect too. 

At 8 weeks we started feeding and putting him to bed at 9pm no matter where we were in the 'schedule' that day.  He doesn't always fall asleep at 9 but we're trying to establish that time as bedtime.  He started drinking 4 oz at 4 weeks and has drank 4 oz ever since.  I'm not sure if he drank that much before because I was breastfeeding exclusively, and now I pump and give him a bottle sometimes and breastfeed sometimes.  Most of the time I give him a bottle which requires a lot of pumping and it's exhausting!  Now that I'm back at work it's especially inconvenient- I'm sitting in my classroom right now, door locked, pumping.  Someone just knocked on my door and I'm not about to answer!  They can wait. 

Also at 8 weeks I started getting more relaxed with the schedule because I have started to interpret his cries and can (most of the time) know what he wants.  At 12 weeks we'll start transitioning to eating every 4 hours instead of 3... we'll see how that goes, when Mason is hungry he gets MAD that the bottle isn't heating fast enough so I usually have to breastfeed him until the bottle is ready.  He prefers the bottle because it's easier but if he's hungry enough he'll nurse.  Lazy.  I also like knowing how much he is eating and if he eats 4 oz it'll hold him over until the next feeding time. 

Going back to work has been bittersweet- it's nice to have a break from motherhood and do what I'm used to doing, but I miss his sweetness!  I do love picking him up from the sitter though, because as soon as we make eye contact he gets a huge smile and it lasts for about 5 minutes!  Nonstop smiling and loving on mommy.  I'll take it!  It makes our evenings special when that's the only time I see him.  Last night (morning) he woke up at 2am to eat, so I fed him, but after he ate (and pooped his diaper so much that we had to change clothes because poop was up his back... awesome) he just wanted to smile and play so we did!  I didn't get back to bed until 4.  Then woke up at 5:45am to feed him and get ready for school since I have to leave at 7 for the sitter's house.

All for this cutie pie!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hospital Things I Need to Remember

Before I went to the hospital I scoured Pinterest trying to figure out what to bring to the hospital, so here's my list! 

What I brought for myself:

Nursing tank top (should have bought a bigger size!)
Nursing Pillow (mine is a My Brest Friend, and I don't really like it because I'm never able to get it to stay under my boobs.  It always slides down and sits in my lap, which I think is wrong?)
My own pillow (this was the best idea!  Those hospital beds are uncomfortable!)
Socks with grippers (cold feet)
Flip flops for the shower (because you never know...)
Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash/Loofa
Matching pajama top & bottom (because I'm fancy)
Comfortable clothes to wear home (yoga pants, shirt, sweater cardigan)
Laptop (I shopped online a little)

What I wish I would have brought:
A blanket - the hospital blankets are paper thin - one for me, one for Tyler
A pillow for Tyler... I tried to bring one for him and he said no then regretted it I think!

Tyler was able to get snacks from the doctor's lounge and that was a lifesaver because I was starving.  He also brought a book to read (Duck Dynasty) but I didn't bring anything to read because when I wasn't trying to figure out breastfeeding I was taking a nap.

Here's what I brought for Mason:
Onesie to wear home (bring several sizes since you don't know how big this baby will be!  Our original 'going home' outfit ended up being too small for my big fat baby)
He wore the same outfit while he was in the hospital (I think the nurses changed him when he was in the nursery) so there's no need to bring lots of outfits.  Also don't bring diapers, wipes, etc. because they will provide those things.

I forgot to bring a baby blanket and a baby hat, and wish I would have!

The BEST decision we made was to send Mason to the nursery at night - we had the option to keep him in our room but didn't, thank goodness, because we were exhausted and needed the sleep!  I use the word "sleep" lightly because nurses are constantly coming into the room to check vitals, refill the water (at 2am, really?!), give you medicine, etc. 

I wish I would have taken better care of myself after giving birth.  I didn't follow all the steps to recovery (taking sitz baths when I was supposed to, taking my medicine when I was supposed to) and it caught up with me and was PAINFUL.  So next time I'll listen to the doctor :). 

We had friends and family bring us food which was awesome!  All I want to do is eat since I'm breastfeeding.

Mason is 10 weeks old today!  He smiles at us and is starting to laugh, it's awesome.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Six Weeks After

I was originally supposed to go back to work on April 1, but extended my maternity leave until April 28th.  I'm SO thankful we were able to do this.  Mason is just so little and I don't want to leave him yet!

When I extended my maternity leave I also told the district I wouldn't be returning next year.  That was a little difficult.  The decision to leave Kindergarten was easy (2 years is enough!) but I had entertained the idea of teaching middle school, AND there was a science position open which I would have loved. I also enjoy teaching a lot and who knows if I would enjoy it enough to teach as my full time job instead of stay at home?  On the other hand, I do feel like staying at home with Mason will be a rewarding full time job too (going back to school on the 28th will be a vacation from being "on call" 24/7!), even though I will have to work harder for the adult interaction that I no doubt will need to stay sane.

Breastfeeding has gotten easier, I've been pumping and feeding through a bottle primarily but occasionally he'll nurse (only when he's not feeling lazy... it takes more work for him to nurse).  Pumping every 2-3 hours is exhausting!  I've started a pretty nice milk storage in the freezer so I'll have enough when I go back to work.  I also eat a ton so I can produce enough milk.  It's not hard to eat more, I'm constantly starving!  I feel like a teenager again.

Mason has started to respond more to us- he's smiling!  And he's able to follow us with his eyes when we move around.  It's exciting to say "Hi baby!" and see him respond with his big grin.  He also rolled over at 3 weeks from his stomach to his back!  He's a pretty strong baby and can sit up in his Bumbo at 1 month.

Sometimes he'll lie down on his activity mat (on his back- if we try tummy time, he'll stay on his tummy for awhile but the roll over to his back) and other times he's tired so he falls asleep.  This outfit is one of my favorites!  He's so soft and cuddly in his fleece flannel.

This is Mason crying- Oliver feels like he needs to watch Mason when he's crying, and other times when it's the middle of the night and Oliver is tired, he will go far away from Mason - usually on the couch - and bury his head in pillows and covers as if to say MAKE IT STOP!  

The pictures below are our pictures from Mason's first Easter!  He looked so handsome in his blue plaid and khakis.  Tyler cleaned up pretty nice too ;).  Mason slept through church again and we went to Tyler's parents house for lunch.  Justin and Lesley came to our family lunch too since they're basically family!

Tomorrow is my 6 week doctor appointment.  I don't anticipate any problems since I think I'm healing well.  I haven't worked out since I had Mason because I didn't want to mess anything up if it hadn't healed yet, also I just wanted to be told I could from the doctor.  I can fit into my old clothes but they just don't fit right!  I have more weight in places I'm not used to, so I'll be working to get rid of that so my clothes can fit and I don't have to buy a new wardrobe.

Altogether the first 6 weeks have been pretty good.  It's exhausting but exciting, and seeing Mason smile makes all the exhaustion go away.  It's all worth it!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

First Week of Parenting...

When we left the hospital we went to Tyler's grandparents house to show Mason to them... we had to leave early because he had a blow out diaper and we had nothing to change him into (Rule #1 - Always Carry a Diaper Bag).  We got home and I really didn't feel the "Ok, what do I do now?" feeling.  All he does is eat, sleep, and make dirty diapers so if he cried it was one of the 3 options pretty much.

The first night was rough.  We don't have a bassinet, instead we have a Rock-N-Play Sleeper that's light and mobile.  Tyler preferred him sleeping in our room; I did not.  We went to bed around 9:30 with Mason in our room at the foot of our bed in his sleeper.  He made so many noises!  Of course we paid attention to every noise he made, no matter how insignificant.  He was eating every 2-3 hours but was really fussy in between so from 9:30 to about 2am we got hardly any sleep.  We ended up moving him into his room (after a feeding) and using the monitor instead of having him in our room.  It was so much nicer!  The little noises that he makes didn't pick up on the monitor so they didn't wake us up and we were able to sleep for a solid 3 hours.  (It's funny that 3 hours is a lot of sleep now!)  I fed him again  at 3 hours and kept that schedule the next day.  Altogether Tyler got 5 hours and I got 7 hours of sleep.

Breastfeeding was the hurdle to get over.  Before I had Mason I went to the Mother-Baby Support Center to see Sheila the lactation consultant.  She helped me get the basics, but it was hard to put them totally into practice because I didn't have a baby yet.  We were discharged on Friday from the hospital so the Mother Baby Support Center wasn't open until Monday.  Breastfeeding was a struggle from Friday-Monday until our appointment.  It wasn't enjoyable for Mason and it certainly wasn't enjoyable for anyone else in the house!  Sometimes it would take 45 minutes for him to latch on- once he did latch on it was fine, but getting there was such a hassle.  We saw Sheila again on Monday at 4 and took Mason when he was hungry.  She changed my hand positions and the angle of his head, and he latched on immediately!  It was amazing!  Also a huge relief because my breasts weren't draining milk properly so they were huge and painful.  Sheila asked me if I had ever had implants because they were so large and firm.  It took a few days for the milk to properly drain but we are so thankful that she helped us out.  Now breastfeeding is enjoyable and it's a time where I have at least 15 minutes of alone time with my baby. Very sweet!

We went to the doctor on Monday too, Mason is perfect!  He has great head control and is strong for a newborn.  The doctor (Dr. Finstad) hadn't anticipated him to gain weight since most babies don't gain their weight back very fast, but Mason weighed in at 8lbs, 7.5oz!  It was encouraging to know that even though breastfeeding wasn't going well he was still gaining weight.

On Tuesday we had Mason's newborn pictures taken by Art from the Heart Photography.  Teresa Norris was a very, very patient, artsy grandma.  I liked all of her pictures on her website so I'm confident that she got some great ones of Mason.  We didn't dress him in any outfits, just naked baby!  I didn't want to get a picture taken where a majority of his body was covered by an outfit- I wasn't paying Teresa to take pictures of an outfit, I like fat baby rolls and little baby details.  The whole photo shoot was tense as we were careful not to wake him while we positioned him in different poses.  I had to feed him twice during the whole thing.  After Teresa left, he slept for a long time!  He was just exhausted from the whole thing.  We'll get to see the pictures in 2 weeks, I'm excited to see them!

Altogether the first week hasn't been bad, he eats every 2-3 hours and we're able to get interrupted, but quality sleep (I'm speaking for myself here, I think Tyler is having a harder time coping with interrupted sleep!)  But I like the fact that he's already sleeping in his room, and the transition from sleep to breastfeeding is seamless.  He still cries when we change his diaper of course but after that he feeds just fine.  

He's a happy baby!  We love him!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mason's Birth Story

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were the longest 3 days of my life I think!  I did all I could to relax.  On Tuesday morning I woke up with a cold- very unfortunate.  I slept all day trying to feel better but I was still pretty stuffy and it was hard to breathe.  Tuesday evening before we went to get induced we had the Vesely's and Jones's over to eat, it was nice to have friends around to ease the anxiety!

We went to the hospital at 8pm and got checked into our room.  The gown they gave me to wear was massive!  I got hooked up to my antibiotics (because I have Group B Strep and have to have them) and my IV, and also two monitors- one to monitor my contractions, one to monitor Mason's heart rate.  I didn't know those monitors were going to be hooked up, they were very uncomfortable and kept moving around when I'd try to get comfortable sleeping, and also because my belly was straight out in front and it was hard for things to stay in one place.  My nurse's name was Suzannah and she was really nice.  Very thorough with her explanations of what was happening and everything she was doing.  Mom and Dad got to the room around 8:30pm and we just sat and talked in the room for a long time.  It wasn't until 9:30pm that the nurse put the first pill thing in to soften my cervix.  Each time she came in to check on me she would say "You're having contractions... can you feel anything?" and I hadn't felt a thing!  I thought "Is this it?? Is this the hype of labor and I'm not even feeling it?!" (little did I know... keep reading) so since I had been contracting she checked me to see how dilated I was - still 1cm and 80% effaced (bummer).  At 1:30am they put the second cervix pill in me to try and get me to dilate/efface more.  At this point I'm still not feeling contractions or any pain really.  Every once in awhile I'd feel a dull pain but it wasn't a big deal at all.  She checked me again at 5:30am... 2 cm, and 80% effaced-still!  So, because nothing had progressed naturally where it needed to be, they started Pitocin at a low dose (a 2).  I knew going into labor that if I had Pitocin I was more likely to have an epidural because I knew the contractions were going to be more intense, but at this point I was still on the fence of epidural/natural delivery.

Once Pitocin started I felt the contractions get more and more intense as time passed.  They still weren't crazy painful but I definitely felt a little pain.  After I had been on Pitocin for a little bit, Suzannah checked me and I was at a 3.5cm so Dr. Lehnert came by at 6:30am and broke my water (that was painful and I just happened to have a contraction during the middle of the water-breaking, also unfortunate!)  After he broke my water I still could feel pain getting more and more intense but still very tolerable.  I practiced my yoga breathing to manage the pain, so when it got more painful I had a breathing pattern down.  I got a new nurse at 7am named Kelly who was also really nice and great.  Around 8:30am Tyler noticed that my IV had a kink in it and said "Oh let me help you with that" (famous last words)... since my IV had a kink in it, the Pitocin that I was supposed to be getting in doses was all backed up!  Right after he undid my IV I had the MOST painful contraction (compared to the other ones of just dull pain), it caught me off guard and was intense.  I threw up twice during it, it lasted a solid 4 minutes.  Miserable!  (THIS is the start of labor pain, I thought)  Kelly was confused because the last time she checked on me I was content and had a pain level of 2 on a scale from 1-10.  Then she walks in and I'm writhing, throwing up over the side of the bed and squeezing Tyler's hand/arm/leg/whatever I can grab.  My mom just happened to show up at this time in the room and tried to make conversation with me, I responded with "I don't really want to talk right now."... so mom went in the corner but her phone was going off and I was "Put your phone on silent!"  The atmosphere was intense to say the least, I was trying to cope with the contractions with everything I had.  The nurse checked me after that big contraction and I had dilated to a 4cm.  After she checked me I said I WANT AN EPIDURAL!  My goodness, the contractions were not letting up and they were a minute to a minute and half apart, lasting about 30 seconds each.  They kept getting more and more intense too.  It took an HOUR AND 45 MINUTES for the anesthesiologist (Dr. Belk) to arrive with the epidural.  Most painful 1:45 of my life, it seemed like I couldn't catch a breath before the next contraction started. I knew that I would have contractions during the actual insertion of the epidural because they were happening so close together.  I ended up having 3 the whole time he was there.  The nurse/doctor to tell you to stay still while the needle is being put in so the epidural is put in properly.  That was so hard!  It didn't take him long to put the epidural in but I had a contraction while it was happening anyway.  He numbed my back first, so the epidural needle was painless.

Ha!  Right after I got the epidural.  So happy to have a break from the pain!
I leaned back onto the bed and felt immediate relaxation.  The atmosphere of the room went from very intense to very relaxed in a matter of seconds.  Relief!!!  Soon after I got the epidural my sister came in and talked to me, I was so much happier at this point.  After the epidural had numbed my lower half Kelly checked me and I was at a 9.5cm and 100% effaced!  She said we would start pushing soon and I'd probably have Mason before noon (this was around 10am)!!  We waited until I was fully 10cm before we started pushing, but it didn't bother me any - "Oh I'm having an intense contraction?  Can't feel it!".  After waiting about 30 minutes we started pushing (so at 10:30am).  Kelly was coaching me through it, she was wonderful!  It took me awhile to figure out how exactly to push.  She had my legs in stirrups but since I couldn't feel them they were a little useless!  Tyler was on my right side and Kelly had my left.  After pushing a few times I realized that I could actually feel the pressure of a contraction coming on so I knew when I needed to push.  We pushed for an hour, waiting for contractions to come each time before I could push.  She also gave me an oxygen mask so after every push I put the mask on my face- I was addicted, it was so nice being able to breathe!  Since I had the cold it was hard to take those deep breaths (the breathing pattern for pushing was deep breath in, deep breath out, deep breath in, hold it, and push for 10 seconds).  During this hour Mason's head started to come out and they could see his beautiful blonde hair!  She asked me if I wanted to touch the head- gross, no- and if I wanted a big mirror so I could see the progress of what was happening down there... another no!  Ew no way just get him out I don't want to see what's happening!  Around 11:45am Dr. Lehnert and his crew came in, Kelly and Tyler still had my legs and Dr. Lehnert was at the end along with a few other nurses who handed him what he needed.  Before every push I kept saying "Yall ready?":) We pushed for 45 minutes and Mason was born at 12:31pm!  I ended up having a second degree tear, but no hemorrhoids (I did poop on Kelly once, oops).

When they took him out he was so purple.  He pooped on Dr. Lehnert.  Tyler cut the cord.  Mom was taking pictures.  I thought I'd cry a lot but I was so overwhelmed with emotions that I only cried a little- I couldn't believe I had just delivered a baby out of my body!!  It was amazing, hearing him cry (loudly) and seeing him for the first time.  I loved him immediately.  After they cleared his lungs, they put him on my chest with a blanket.  He was crying and wiggling and it was the sweetest sound!  He weighed 8 lbs, 13 oz, and measured 21 inches long.  I couldn't believe all that baby was crammed in my belly!

Tyler was by my side the whole time and we were just in awe of this creation God had given us.  People who give birth talk about how much they love their baby after, but I rarely hear of the dynamic between the husband-wife.  After going through the delivery, I am so much more in LOVE with Tyler.  He was a wonderful support person, and just incredible all around.  Watching him look at Mason and the overwhelming emotion he felt too made me so thankful that God had put us together.  I can't even describe the feelings I have for him now!

We tried breastfeeding within the first hour and weren't very successful.  We also had to stay in the delivery room until 2:55pm so they could make sure everything went ok.  Kelly rolled me in a wheelchair to our post-labor room (Room 5125) and that's where we stayed until Friday afternoon.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 39 - The Final Countdown!

Our group at the church chili competition - our chili was called Antlers, Wings, and Other Things!
(As I'm recollecting the past week, TODAY is my due date and I don't feel like he's going to come at all.  Maybe I'll do lots of walking around the block this evening...)

Talk about exhausting!  These past 2 weeks have taken its toll on my prego body.  Sunday I skipped church to sleep in but went to church that night for a chili competition.  Our group had a great table and great chili!  Our chili was mystery meat- moose, duck, deer, and pig fat.  If someone would have told me those things before I probably wouldn't have eaten it.  I did eat chili- everything is giving me heartburn at this point so I figured why not?  I took Tums later and the heartburn wasn't so bad.  Going to work Monday was tough... it's hard to describe how tired teaching makes me.  It's like I was exhausted but didn't know why, I just knew I needed to sit down or sleep!  I went to bed early on Monday and then went to work on Tuesday... same song, different verse.  I had talked to Tyler about taking my maternity leave early and his suggestion was to wait and see what the doctor said at our next appt.

We had to move my Thursday appointment to Tuesday because Dr. Lehnert isn't working Thursday-Sunday (prime time for me to have a baby!).  He said I was still dilated at 1cm and 70% effaced.  This made me a little disappointed but I hadn't felt anything going on so I wasn't surprised.  After he checked me we scheduled to have me induced on the 19th at 8pm to have him on the 20th.  I have to go in early so they can soften my cervix.  All of this talk freaked me out and I held it together as best as I could in the doctor's office but I really just wanted to cry.  It's so REAL with a concrete date!  Today is Thursday, Valentine's Day, and in a week I will be holding Mason in my arms.  Surreal.  After our appt I was very frustrated but I couldn't figure out why... I talked to my mom and thought I should go to work but really didn't want to.  My anxiety levels shoot through the roof when I'm there (Will my water break? Who will take me to the hospital? These kids are driving me nuts! I hope they don't stress me out and cause me to go into labor... What if I start having contractions in the middle of class?  Will my kids think I'm hurt?) Yeah.  I was a mess.  When I'm home I'm fine but at school it was a different story.

After talking to Tyler we decided that I needed to take maternity leave 3 days earlier than planned.  I didn't want to go from one stressful situation (school) to another (labor) and I needed to rest and gather up all the energy I could before the delivery.  To say I'm thankful for this decision is an understatement!  I feel so much better being at home.  I'm able to get a few things done but not a lot.  Yesterday the big accomplishment was getting all my thank you notes written from my baby shower, and mailed.  I also strolled around Walmart for 2 hours because I was feeling energetic and that REALLY wore me out.  After I got home from Walmart I went to the bathroom and saw I lost my mucus plug (gross).  Probably from all that walking!  Today I did the dishes and made muffins... then I have to sit down for awhile.  It's funny how little I'm getting done but they feel like big tasks!  Tonight I'm planning to make Valentine's dinner so I'll probably rest from now until then so I have enough energy.  I made a recipe from Pinterest, Black Bean Tacos... they turned out amazing!

On Friday Tyler got off work early and we ran a bunch of errands together.  I needed to go to Target, Babies R Us, and Staples but I didn't want to go by myself just in case something happened.  We returned a few duplicate baby shower things and then at Staples we printed off my free Pinterest printables for the nursery (pics to come soon!)  That night Tyler and I rented a movie and laid around relaxing, it was wonderful.  On Saturday we pretty much did the same thing, I tried another Pinterest recipe- Almond Crusted Chicken Strips.  Another success!  I sure do love Pinterest!  That night we went to church to watch a drama called "A Place for Grace", it was really great.  It also felt good to shower, get dressed, put makeup on and get out of the house for a change!

He is so low!

  • How far along? 39 weeks
  • Total weight gain? 24 pounds
  • Stretch marks? I don't think so.  My belly is very vein-y looking and purple around my belly button but I don't think those are stretch marks.  Guess I'll find out when he comes out!
  • Sleep? Starting this week I've had to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, every 3 hours.  It was nice of my body to wait until week 39 to start all this typical pregnancy stuff.
  • Best moment this week? I took off work Wednesday-Friday and MAN did I need to!  It has been incredible.  I've been relaxing and doing little things here and there.  It's bad when doing the dishes wears you out. :) 
  • Miss anything? I miss my Kindergarten kids... I don't want to have to teach them, I just miss being around some of them because they are sweet/funny/interesting.  
  • Movement: Still very active.  His feet love to get under the right side of my ribs.
  • Food cravings: Lemon water... I love it!
  • Anything making you queasy or sick? No.
  • Showing? Big ol' belly!
  • Gender: Boy
  • Labor signs: Contractions here and there, I'll sit down/stand up to see if they'll go away and so far they have.  A few big contractions but again they go away after awhile.  I lost my mucus plug Wednesday night at 7pm. 
  • Belly button in or out: Out, barely.
  • Wedding rings on or off? I put my ring back on again and it fits fine so I'm just going to keep wearing it.
  • Happy or moody most of the time? Very irritable at the beginning of the week but since I've been home I've been extremely happy.  I needed to take time off!
  • Looking forward to: Our last doctor's appt is on Monday to see how much I've dilated.  Unless Mason decides to come before, they have scheduled to induce me on the 19th at 8pm to have him on the 20th.
  • Baby's size: Watermelon
  • Saturday, February 9, 2013

    Week 38

    What a difference a week makes!  I hate to complain but that's what a lot of this post is. :) Last week I wasn't very uncomfortable, but then on the weekend it hit me.  Tyler's mom (Debbie) came over on Saturday and helped clean the house, it was SO nice!  I helped but wasn't much help because 1) I move so slow and 2) I can't bend over or reach for things so she really did most of the work.  It was such a blessing!  On Sunday we went to Brian & Ashley's to watch the Superbowl and I was having contractions all night, off and on.  Nothing big but enough to make me uncomfortable.  I went to school that week and walking around wasn't bad, until Thursday.  I literally started contractions at 9am and they didn't stop until my doctor's appt at 4!  Again, nothing big but enough where I felt very uncomfortable, and needed to rest.  It's hard to rest when there are 19 5-6 year olds under your watch.  When I walk around at school it's turtle speed!  Today (Saturday) has been so nice and relaxing, it's amazing how much better I feel when I'm not walking around all day.  Tyler and I are just hanging out doing nothing and it's amazing.

    So Mason might come next week.  I'm ok with him coming any day except Valentine's Day.  That will probably be the day he decides to come!!  Here's why- imagine if he ever gets a girlfriend, he will always be expected to do nice things for this girl on HIS birthday.  Poor guy.  Tyler thinks he won't care.  If he comes before Valentine's Day that'd be fine too because I really don't want to go to work this week.  My sub is lined up, my lessons are done, and I'm ready to not be around the kids.  I do like them!  But right now I don't want to be around them.  I know that teaching up to this point has been a blessing, because if I was sitting at home doing nothing everything would go by slower.  At least I have things going on every day to take my mind off of being uncomfortable!

    Here are things that (before I got pregnant) I expected to happen during pregnancy, and in italics is actually what has happened to me:
    I would gain weight all over.  I feel like all my weight has been in my belly, or maybe it's just that my belly is so big that it makes everything else on me look smaller.
    Stretch marks. This doesn't make sense, I have stretch marks from when I was little and had a growth spurt so naturally I thought I'd get them when I got pregnant.  Not so.  Not complaining!
    Moodiness. I haven't been moody except for the last month, most of my pregnancy has been enjoyable except for the first 3 months of sickness.
    I thought my belly would be big around 3 months. I didn't start really showing until 5-6 months I think!  I expected to look pregnant a lot sooner than I did.
    I thought I would want to eat weird things. I think the definition of "craving" for me isn't that I want to eat weird things, but that I want to eat certain food immediately.  At certain points I have wanted a grapefruit and HAD to have one right then, I feel like I NEED to have an Icee stat... things like that.
    My social life would be over. This hasn't happened at all!  But I sure thought it would.  I'm thankful to have great friends and a pretty awesome husband.  My future will be filled with lots of social things, but probably things I've never done before that involve kids too.

    I'm ready to start working out again and getting my normal body back.  After my recovery time, hot yoga here I come!

  • How far along? 38 weeks
  • Total weight gain? 24 pounds... not sure how I lost 2 pounds, maybe I wore lighter clothes at this doctor's appt.
  • Stretch marks? Still none.  I think I'm going to make it!
  • Sleep? Yes.  Today I slept until 10:30, then realized it would probably be my last Saturday to sleep in!
  • Best moment this week? Last Saturday Debbie came over and helped me clean.  It was so nice!!  
  • Miss anything? It's difficult to get around, and when I do get around it's in slow motion.
  • Movement: Allllways.
  • Food cravings: Not necessarily.  I like ice cream, Icee's, sushi, peanut butter sandwiches but not all at the same time.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick? Sometimes I feel nauseous (that word has way too many vowels) but I think it comes with the last 2 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Showing? Nah. :)
  • Gender: Boy
  • Labor signs: Thursday at school was rough - I literally had contractions all day long starting at 9!  It was very uncomfortable.  I went to the doctor that day and had dilated to 1cm and am 70% effaced.  Most of my contractions come in the middle of the night, they wake me up but don't last very long so I try not to freak out.
  • Belly button in or out: Still out.  My kids still like to poke it.
  • Wedding rings on or off? Off- I think I'm a tad bit swollen, and it just feels more comfortable to not have anything tight on my finger.
  • Happy or moody most of the time? Still moody, mostly anxious because my body has been crazy this week and I don't know what's going on!
  • Looking forward to: going to the doctor on Tuesday, it's my last schedule appt.  If I don't have him before then, we're going to "make a plan" and it'll be nice to know that he will at least be out by a certain date.
  • Baby's size: Pumpkin
  • Saturday, February 2, 2013

    Week 37

    Every week this month has been packed with things to do.  I'm not complaining!  It's making these last few weeks fly by!  This week has been no exception.  On Sunday Tyler and I had a baby shower at church.  The girls did an awesome job decorating! Here are a few tables:

    and then the food table was spectacular as well...

    They know how much I love branches and trees!  All of the branches are currently in my house, waiting for their final home.  I couldn't decide which ones I wanted so I took them all. :)  We were SO blessed with the love shown to us through this shower.  Not just with the showering of gifts, but knowing that we have so many people that care about us is amazing.  I was glad my mom got to come up and be here, too.

    and here I am with my sweets!

    On Monday night we went to Terry and Debbie's house for a blessing.  The 'blessing' has become a tradition that originated with Angie but has been adopted by several people.  Our family gives blessings for birthdays, weddings, babies, and basically any other major life event.  People gather in the living room of a house and the person(s) with the life event happening receives advice, love, tips, etc. from people that love them.  It started when Angie went to a funeral and everyone was saying nice things about the person that died... she thought, wouldn't it be nice to say nice things to people while they are alive!  So blessings started.  And they really are a great thing.  It's wonderful to know that we have friends and family who love us and are there with us on this journey of parenthood.  Most of them are the same people that were at the blessing for our marriage, and they are still in our lives today!

    Monday night/Tuesday morning was miserable.  I had major congestion and couldn't breathe, therefore I couldn't sleep, then I woke up with a temperature of 100.2 - and I freaked out a little.  The past few weeks I don't know how many kids I've sent home with fevers (they had the flu) and I was terrified that I had gotten it!  This was at 6am, and I was nervous to go to school with a fever.  I remembered the doctor saying if I got a fever to call right away.  Well their office didn't open until 8 so I called in a sub for the day and took the day off.  The nurse called me back and said to drink lots of fluids and rest (it's hard to rest when you can't breathe) and to call back if the temperature doesn't go down.  Thankfully it went down and I was able to go to school on Wednesday, drugged on Mucinex and Tylenol.

    On Wednesday the ladies at school threw my baby shower- that was very nice of them! We had been waiting until after the showers to purchase anything for Mason so we did that on Thursday.  The room is coming together and we have everything we need (and probably a few things we don't need!).  We didn't go to baby class Thursday night because the roads were a little icy and we didn't want to risk it.  Plus, we just didn't want to go :).  Friday and Saturday was the first weekend where we didn't have ANYthing planned.  We've just been enjoying each other's company, since it'll just be us 2 for a few more weeks!

    I went to the doctor on Thursday.  I gained 3 pounds between last week and this one!  Baby is growing.  I am 1/2 cm dilated and 50% effaced, so he could literally come any day now.  I'm reminded of the scripture "for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape".  Yikes... here we go!  

  • How far along? 37 weeks
  • Total weight gain? 26 pounds
  • Stretch marks? None that I can see. :)
  • Sleep? As much as I can get.  Still not waking up in the middle of the night! 
  • Best moment this week? Our blessing on Monday night at Terry and Debbie's.  Tyler and I are so blessed!
  • Miss anything? Being able to breathe clearly.
  • Movement: Yep.  His feet are up near my sternum (!) and his head is down by my hips.  That seems really long to me!  It feels weird to have something kick your sternum.
  • Food cravings: Water, water, water.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick? Just a bunch of congestion that won't seem to quit (without medicine!)
  • Showing? Yes.  Only from the side, it seems.  :) 
  • Gender: Boy
  • Labor signs: Monday night I got a bad contraction- Tyler thought we were going to have to go to the hospital!  But it didn't last very long.  It hurt towards the top of my stomach, which I hadn't felt before.  But it was definitely more painful that any other Braxton-Hicks.  (I found out on Thursday at my doctor's appt. that this was a "real" contraction.  When they start happening 5-10 minutes apart is when I should go to the hospital.  Doctor thinks this contraction is what started the dilation/effacement.)
  • Belly button in or out: Still out but becoming more flat since my belly is getting bigger.
  • Wedding rings on or off? On.
  • Happy or moody most of the time? Moody.  My hormones are all over the place. 
  • Looking forward to: Getting the finishing touches done in Mason's room.  It is an amazing room to be in, which is a good thing because I have a feeling I'll be in there a lot.
  • Baby's size: Winter Melon

  • Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    Week 36

    This week the craziness of January continues!  On Sunday I sang at church on stage for the last time til Mason gets here, it was fun but I'm glad to have a break for awhile.  It's easier to breathe because he's started making the descent out of my lungs.  Hallelujah, air!  Sunday afternoon I went to Malachi Hostetler's first birthday party at Rutledge Wilson farm (Tyler had to work)... I can't believe he is 1 year old!  We're birthday buddies, and I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday, not a year ago. 

    Monday was my friend Lindsay's birthday - I haven't seen her since my wedding 5 years ago (!) but she has been one of those friends who is important to me even though I don't see her, and we rarely get to talk on the phone.  Tyler had to work a double so I ran errands in Springfield.  I got a robe and some pajamas for the hospital that are cuter than the gown, of course :) I can be a diva in the hospital!

    Tuesday I had a consultation with the lactation lady at the Mercy Mother-Baby Support Center.  Sheila was incredibly helpful and I feel much more prepared for breastfeeding after speaking with her.  She fitted me for a bra and I ended up buying 2 - a normal one, and one to sleep in (they have lots of room to grow since I'm supposed to swell up like balloons) and are really comfortable.  I also got all the extra parts for my pump figured out and will take that to the hospital with me.  I was stressing last week about getting all my things together before the hospital, but with everything I accomplished on Monday and Tuesday I feel SO much more prepared. 

    Wednesday we had an ultrasound!  Mason did not get the memo that we wanted to take pictures of him because he was moving around all over the place.  The ultrasound lady would put the wand thing on my stomach to see him, and he would literally scoot to the opposite side of my belly.  Then she'd put the wand over to where he was and he'd move again.  We did see that his head is facing down (yay!), towards my back (yay again!) and his back curves up on the left side of my stomach with his feet in my ribs.  So THAT'S what I've been feeling in my ribs this whole time!  We did get some pictures but they are blurry because he was constantly moving and kicking.  At one point she said he had his whole fist in his mouth.  In one picture, he is sticking out his tongue at us as if to say "Ha, you just thought you'd get a picture!"  And he was kicking my ribs through the whole ultrasound.  What a little toot. :) We will have to walk him like a puppy dog to get all his energy out!  We got glimpses of his face and his cheeks look really chubby.  I love them!  His head is a normal size (whew) and he weighs 6 lbs, 8 oz.  We didn't get a 3D ultrasound, which would have been easier to see but it does kind of spoil the fun of seeing him for the first time.  We're so close to meeting him, I can't wait!

    On Thursday we went to the doctor, this time he checked to see if I was dilated - nothing has happened yet.  I'm ok with that, I'm not too uncomfortable and I'm definitely not prepared as far as having my bags packed and the nursery ready.  That night we went to our baby class... it was horrible.  The teacher just rambles.  At the end of the day, the baby is going to come out and I trust my doctor to do what's best for me and Mason.  I don't need to know all the extra information she gives or 'how they used to do things in years past', it's just ridiculous.  It's also hard to sit through a 3 hour class!

    Friday my mom came up to stay for the weekend and that night we went to church for a trivia night fundraiser to support the youth group going to Nicaragua this summer.  It was called Brain-a-Mania and our team (a table of 10 people) actually did pretty well!  Mom was clutch with a few answers.  On Saturday we just hung out around the house... Levi and his girlfriend Amy came over to shoot a bow and arrow, Curt Baker and Scott Light came over just to say hi... mom and I cleaned the house (it's much more fun cleaning with someone else helping!  And it gets done a lot faster!) for my party that night.  Which leads me to...

    My Favorite Things Party!  I had 8 girls over Saturday night for this party - each girl brought their favorite thing to eat.  There were bagel bites, chips and salsa, lasagna cupcakes, potato bites... lots of deliciousness.  They also were told to bring 5 items that were each $10 or less, and their items had to be wrapped in a bag so no one knew what anyone else brought.  The girls then put their name in a bowl 5 times.  We passed around the bowl and everyone drew 5 names (couldn't be their own name, and no duplicate names).  When it was your turn you had to tell everyone about your gift and why it's your favorite, then the names of the girls you drew received those 5 things!  At the end of the night I ended up with Valentine kitchen towels, a Jarkey, a Mini Emergency kit, lotion & a Scentsy scent, and warm socks.  After everyone exchanged their 5 gifts, one lucky person (Megan Chaffin) won the "Swag Bag" filled with MY favorite things!  Then we played one of my favorite games, Celebrity.  It was a pretty fun night!

  • How far along? 36 weeks
  • Total weight gain? 23 pounds
  • Stretch marks? Still none.. I hope to make it to the end!
  • Sleep? Sleeping when I can, but he definitely lets me know that he is there all the time.  Lots of kicking and punching... I think he needs a spanking when he gets out! 
  • Best moment this week? Seeing our sweet baby face!
  • Miss anything? Pinot Noir.
  • Movement: Oh yes.  The ultrasound lady asked me if I ever got any sleep!
  • Food cravings: Peanut butter (sandwiches, on toast, with bananas... anything)
  • Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!  Just kind of congested but I think that comes with being prego.
  • Showing? Yes. 
  • Gender: Boy
  • Labor signs: Had a few contractions this week but nothing major.  I'm praying that when it's time to go to the hospital, it is VERY clear to me that I need to go immediately!  I don't want to cry wolf.
  • Belly button in or out: Still out but becoming more flat since my belly is getting bigger.
  • Wedding rings on or off? On.
  • Happy or moody most of the time? Happy... birthday weeks are always fun! :)
  • Looking forward to: My showers this week - one Sunday at church, and one at school on Tuesday.  I'm blessed to have such loving and caring people in my life! 
  • Baby's size: Honeydew
  • Thursday, January 24, 2013

    Week 35

    My January is crazy busy.  I'm not complaining though, I'd rather be busy than have nothing going on!  This week we met our pediatrician on Tuesday... some people don't meet their pediatricians before their baby comes, but we did and I'm glad.  When you give birth they ask who your pediatrician is, and if you haven't picked one out yet they assign you one.  I didn't want to be assigned someone!  So we picked Dr. Finstad, his office is near our house (even though it's in Nixa) and he's very nice.  I'm ok with him taking care of Mason for a long time. 

    On Wednesday my parents sent a basket of fruit to my school :) and that night Tyler's mom fixed a birthday dinner for me - beans, cornbread, black eyed peas, salad, and angel food cake with strawberries- yum!  You can take the girl out of the south, but you can't take the south out of the girl.  On my birthday, Thursday, Tyler had flowers sent to school- they were beautiful!  And they make the house smell great.  We went to eat at Touch that evening then had to go to our baby class.  Baby class was a bummer on my birthday, but it was still a great day.  I didn't get to go home until 9:30, I was exhausted!  Friday I got home from school and sat at home a bit... then I went to the nail place to get a mani-pedi.  Worth it!

    On Saturday morning I met my friend Laura for breakfast at Tea Bar & Bites.  I had never eaten there and it was amazing!  Anytime I hang out with Laura we always have great conversation- never a dull moment that's for sure.  She's one of those friends who I don't have to see all the time but every time I do see her I always enjoy our time together.  After breakfast I got my hair cut and colored, then that night we went to a fundraiser for the Scottish Rite Masons because Brian Vesely bought a table and invited us.  So we got to dress up fancy, and be with good friends. It was very fun! I did take pictures on a legit camera but haven't put them on here yet... so here's a horrible picture of the group that went.  Below that is just the girls - I wish our eyes weren't shiny!  Then below that I am actually covering up Lesley but you can't see her and I think that's funny - big girl coming through, ha!  I did great in my 4" heels- I walked like I wasn't carrying 20 extra pounds of weight in front... success!  And Tyler is so handsome in his suit.

  • How far along? 35 weeks
  • Total weight gain? 21 pounds!
  • Stretch marks? Not yet..
  • Sleep? Still sleeping fine.  I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but when I wake up I have to go really bad.  Thankful that I am able to sleep through the night for a few more weeks!
  • Best moment this week? It was my birthday week!  The whole week was great!
  • Miss anything? My maternity clothes are becoming too small!  You would expect these clothes to fit throughout your pregnancy but I guess not.  I wish I could wear sweatpants to school.
  • Movement: Yes
  • Food cravings: I love Icee's (coke and cherry mixed).  It's getting out of control :)... and I've been craving water, always feeling like I need it.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick? Feeling great - I put a humidifier in our room and I think it's helped a lot with the sinus problems.
  • Showing? Yep!  My feet and hands still haven't swollen, I think it's because I'm always cold. 
  • Gender: Boy
  • Labor signs: Had more Braxton-Hicks this week.
  • Belly button in or out: Still out but becoming more flat since my belly is getting bigger.
  • Wedding rings on or off? On.
  • Happy or moody most of the time? Happy... birthday weeks are always fun! :) 
  • Looking forward to: We get an ultrasound on Wednesday - I'm so excited to see Mason again!!!
  • Baby's size: Coconut

  • Sunday, January 13, 2013

    Week 34

    I usually don't like bare belly pictures, but I just had to put this one up.  I can't believe how big my stomach has gotten, and it's not done yet!!  Yikes!

    This was my first week back in school... it wasn't so bad, took a little time for the kids to adjust to having a schedule but they got the hang of it by the middle of the week.  On Tuesday we went to a class on breastfeeding - it was... interesting.  There are so many contradicting opinions about every little thing (from people teaching classes, to the books I've read, to the people who give unsolicited advice wherever I go) that I kind of just want to do my own thing.  I feel like that information is good to know but that I will rely on my maternal instincts to get me through things.  Every baby is different so who knows how Mason will be!  On Thursday we went to the doctor again.  I've gained 21 pounds!  Baby is getting big!  Everything is looking normal and measuring normal.  We get to have an ultrasound soon and I'm really excited for that.  I'm concerned about the size of his head, mostly :) Tyler had a huge head when he was born!  I also don't think Mason will have any hair.  I haven't had bad hearburn and when I was born I didn't have a lot of hair until I was about 2 years old.  Tyler had a lot of hair when he was born, but I expected to have a lot of heartburn with lots of hair.  Maybe we'll be able to tell in the ultrasound!  On Friday we had some friends over for fajitas and played Celebrity - very fun!  Then on Saturday we ate dinner at Angie's which always means good food and good conversation.  All the boys were on the way back from their annual pheasant hunting trip (except Tyler, he stayed home this year since I could go into labor anytime) so we waited for them to get home.  While we waited, we talked about taking a Barnes girls annual trip- if the guys do it then why can't we!  We talked about staying at the Mizell's cabin in Colorado and going to a spa there, or going to a spa in Arizona (there's a theme here), or going to Napa for a few days... we'll figure out something, but in 2013 there will be a Barnes girl trip!  I'm already excited!

  • How far along? 34 weeks
  • Total weight gain? 21 pounds!
  • Stretch marks? Not yet..
  • Sleep? Getting it when I can... I have to sleep with a lot of pillows though.
  • Best moment this week? Friday night we had a few friends over for fajitas and games.. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!  So thankful for good friends!
  • Miss anything? Wearing normal clothes- I've had to find a fancy dress for a fundraiser in a few weeks and the normal dresses I try on look ridiculous!  It's funny to see me in them, but I'm ready to have my old body back.
  • Movement: Yes, he's getting bigger!  We get to have an ultrasound in a week and a half.
  • Food cravings: Lots of water... can't get enough!
  • Anything making you queasy or sick? Still feeling sinus congestion, that's about it.
  • Showing? Yep!
  • Gender: Boy
  • Labor signs: A few contractions here and there, every so often I'll feel my uterus tighten but it doesn't hurt.  Just a little uncomfortable.
  • Belly button in or out: Still way out!
  • Wedding rings on or off? On.
  • Happy or moody most of the time? I'd still say moody this week.  
  • Looking forward to: my birthday and going to a fancy party at the country club on Saturday- we'll see how I do in my heels!
  • Baby's size: Butternut squash

  • Monday, January 7, 2013

    Week 33

    This week I was in a lot better mood than last week.  Sunday was rough- kind of funny though... I woke up with an outfit planned to wear to church (I wanted to wear my Christmas necklace) but then that outfit didn't fit.  Then I tried on maternity clothes, and they didn't fit.  I was so frustrated!  I started to cry.  Then I was laughing that I was so big even my maternity clothes weren't fitting.  Granted, I needed to do laundry, so my options were limited.  When we got to church I was in a horrible mood, then in the middle of church I started crying.  Haha!  I was all over the place!  I had to laugh at myself for being that ridiculous.  On Sunday night, Jayci and Lee stayed the night with us.  They didn't get to Ozark until 11:30pm so we didn't have a whole lot of time to talk.  The next morning we went to Village Inn - it was snowing! - and had good conversation.  I love that I have a friend who I don't have to see or talk to every day (or months at a time), and when we get together we pick up right where we left off.  She is 3 weeks behind me in her pregnancy, and the only thing I regret from her visit is that I didn't get a picture of our bellies!!  They aren't finding out what they're having... obviously I wasn't able to do that, I'm too much of a planner.  I think they're having a girl though!

    Every year I always want to do something awesome for New Years Eve.  I make last minute plans and then by the time the next New Year comes around, I can't remember what "awesome" thing I did the last year.  Except for ringing in 2010 (or was it 2011?) at Tawny & Travis Willson's house in KC- I remember that!  This year we went to Larry & Angie's house and had the BEST time.  When I think of New Years Eve I think of sparkly dresses, streamers, glitter, and fancy parties.  This party was absolutely none of those things and it was very fun!  We literally played games the whole time.  I love games.  Good food, good conversation, lots of laughing - I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard I started crying and had a hard time breathing (people were worried I'd go into labor, haha).  We talked about a few of our New Years Resolutions... here are a few of mine:

    1- I want to be back to 130 pounds by May 1.
    2- I want to be able to jump the wake and do a backroll in the air on the wakeboard.
    3- I want to read my Bible and actually read it well.  It doesn't have to be every day, I'm more interested in quality over quantity.  I'm excited for our Sunday school class over 'reading the Bible well', our preacher is teaching it and I think it will help me learn how to do this.
    4- I hate making resolutions that aren't things you can measure (yes I did this, no I didn't) but I really want to be a good mom this year and every year after this.  I know that I will make mistakes but I hope I can learn from them.  I'm excited to have an awesome husband to share my life with.  I know that sometimes I'll have no idea what to do and just rely on God to get me through things.  That sounds cliche but God has been so evident in other areas of my life (career, in the classroom, my marriage) that I know he'll be working in our relationship with our little boy.

    On Tuesday Tyler and I slept in and just enjoyed each other's company, it was grrrreat!  That night we went to Larry & Angie's again for Kate's birthday dinner/blessing.  I love the family I inherited!  Wednesday morning I cleaned the house a little, then Jess and Kate came over to paint the nursery stripes (Tyler worked a double today).  The rest of this blog is about said stripes.  On Thursday we had our first baby class, it was incredibly boring.  They didn't tell us anything our doctor hadn't already told us.  I'm sure it'll get more informative since there are 5 weeks of classes.  On Friday we just chilled and got the house more organized (I am on an organization kick for the house), and on Saturday I got a massage at noon (a-mazing, just what I needed) then that night I saw Les Mis for Kate's birthday.  I have always wanted to see the play but never have, so I didn't know the plot or anything else about the movie (except the song that goes "I dreamed a dream..." that the America's Got Talent lady sang).  It was incredible!

    So- stripes! - here's my inspiration from Pinterest (pinspiration, if you will):

    I had no idea how to begin doing this so I'm thankful to have family who are handy with tools!  We (by we I mean Jess and Kate, mostly) used measuring tape, a chalk line (LIFE SAVER!), painter's tape, brushes, and rollers.  The window/door/closet are all at different heights in Mason's room so measuring from the floor was difficult.  We decided to measure a foot from the ceiling and start the stripes there.  We made a chalk line a foot from the ceiling.  I knew the pattern of colors but wasn't sure about the width of each color so we just used the width of the painter's tape.  White- 2 inches, Navy - 1 inch, White- 2 inches, Yellow- 4 inches, White- 2, Navy-1, White-2.  

    We taped it all off so we wouldn't paint where we wanted our navy lines to be, so then it looked like this:

    Then we painted white between the 2 widest lines.  That was day 1.  Day 2 - when we took the tape off, some of the white had gotten onto the navy lines so we all had tiny paintbrushes in hand, touching up the navy.  It was hard to make straight lines on walls that are textured!  After all the stripes looked fabulous, we taped off where the yellow should be and painted it.  The key to not getting paint under the tape was to brush (with a paintbrush) away from the tape, then rolling a paint roller over that same spot so the brush marks don't show.  It looks like this:

    We were so anxious to take the tape off that we didn't let the yellow dry all the way, but that's ok because it turned out FABULOUS!  I am so excited to finish this room!!!

    More pictures of the nursery will come.  While we were painting in the room, Tyler was making shelves (another pinterest project) out of wood that I had bought at Lowe's the day before.  Talk about feeling out of place - me, pregnant, walking around the wood section of Lowe's with men all around.  I had no idea what I was doing... anyway, that's another post.  This one is a novel!

  • How far along? 33 weeks
  • Total weight gain? 17 pounds
  • Stretch marks? No, I just keep drinking water whenever I can to keep hydrated...
  • Sleep? I think I experienced 3rd trimester insomnia this week.  My body would be so very tired and my mind was not.  Or, I couldn't get into a comfortable position.  Sometimes I'm able to sleep, sometimes not.  
  • Best moment this week? All the time I got to spend with my family - New years eve, new years day, painting the nursery, seeing a movie... just hanging out!  I feel fortunate to actually enjoy being around my husband's family.  I would choose them as friends, but as a bonus I get to be family!
  • Miss anything? Eating lots of pizza.
  • Movement: Yes.  Less sharp jabs and more 'get out of my ribs please'.  He's getting bigger!
  • Food cravings: The usual... coke/cherry Icee's, milk, juice of any fruit.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick? I have sinus drainage in the mornings and it's no fun.  Hopefully that will go away soon.
  • Showing? Yep!
  • Gender: Boy
  • Labor signs: Not this week.
  • Belly button in or out: Out.  Jess was feeling my stomach on New Years Eve and said "Oh, I think I feel his nose, it's kind of a hard spot right there"... "umm, Jess that's my belly button!" 
  • Wedding rings on or off? On.
  • Happy or moody most of the time? Moody, but less moody than last week.  I'd say this week was 60% happy, 40% moody.
  • Looking forward to: my birthday week!
  • Baby's size: Durian Fruit (I get these from, I have no idea what a durian fruit is!)