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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hospital Things I Need to Remember

Before I went to the hospital I scoured Pinterest trying to figure out what to bring to the hospital, so here's my list! 

What I brought for myself:

Nursing tank top (should have bought a bigger size!)
Nursing Pillow (mine is a My Brest Friend, and I don't really like it because I'm never able to get it to stay under my boobs.  It always slides down and sits in my lap, which I think is wrong?)
My own pillow (this was the best idea!  Those hospital beds are uncomfortable!)
Socks with grippers (cold feet)
Flip flops for the shower (because you never know...)
Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash/Loofa
Matching pajama top & bottom (because I'm fancy)
Comfortable clothes to wear home (yoga pants, shirt, sweater cardigan)
Laptop (I shopped online a little)

What I wish I would have brought:
A blanket - the hospital blankets are paper thin - one for me, one for Tyler
A pillow for Tyler... I tried to bring one for him and he said no then regretted it I think!

Tyler was able to get snacks from the doctor's lounge and that was a lifesaver because I was starving.  He also brought a book to read (Duck Dynasty) but I didn't bring anything to read because when I wasn't trying to figure out breastfeeding I was taking a nap.

Here's what I brought for Mason:
Onesie to wear home (bring several sizes since you don't know how big this baby will be!  Our original 'going home' outfit ended up being too small for my big fat baby)
He wore the same outfit while he was in the hospital (I think the nurses changed him when he was in the nursery) so there's no need to bring lots of outfits.  Also don't bring diapers, wipes, etc. because they will provide those things.

I forgot to bring a baby blanket and a baby hat, and wish I would have!

The BEST decision we made was to send Mason to the nursery at night - we had the option to keep him in our room but didn't, thank goodness, because we were exhausted and needed the sleep!  I use the word "sleep" lightly because nurses are constantly coming into the room to check vitals, refill the water (at 2am, really?!), give you medicine, etc. 

I wish I would have taken better care of myself after giving birth.  I didn't follow all the steps to recovery (taking sitz baths when I was supposed to, taking my medicine when I was supposed to) and it caught up with me and was PAINFUL.  So next time I'll listen to the doctor :). 

We had friends and family bring us food which was awesome!  All I want to do is eat since I'm breastfeeding.

Mason is 10 weeks old today!  He smiles at us and is starting to laugh, it's awesome.


  1. You look great! Seriously! You really had a baby 10 weeks ago!?!

  2. Thanks! And I can't believe it's been 10 weeks either!