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Monday, August 20, 2012


I have been keeping some sort of journal for years, the earliest one I can remember is from 4th grade and I think it's in my parent's cedar chest.  I've always enjoyed writing but it's difficult for me to actually do it when I'm so easily distracted by other things that don't require thinking (Facebook or TV!).  As motivation to actually write a few posts I'm not even going to let people know about this blog until I actually fill it up a little.  I tried blogging before, the idea was to write funny stories that my classroom kids said- which happened quite frequently- but it was hard for me to stick to writing.  This one, hopefully, will be easier because it's what I've always done.  Typing is easier than writing with a pen which is what I've done on a few of the trips we took this summer.  I hope you enjoy life according to Jana, which will undoubtedly include a few ramblings and a lot of random!

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