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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

From Book to Blog

I started keeping a pregnancy journal in a tiny little notebook, but not everyone in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, or wherever else my family is can read that little notebook.  So here's what I've written so far, transferred from book to blog.  The plan is to post every week from now on so hopefully I can keep you updated weekly!

Here's how our story begins...

Towards the end of April, Tyler and I started talking about starting a family.  It was kind of a "hey what do you think about this" sort of thing, and we were kind of thinking hmm ok I think that would be something I'm interested in :) April passed, and May arrived... the discussions kept happening.  I remember feeling really happy when we had the "yes we are trying" discussion and I remember wanting the baby to happen soon, since we had decided to start trying!  In order for this child conceiving not to consume me, I had to adjust my mindset -- I knew people who tried for years to have children and I didn't want that to happen to us.  But I also knew that in my past, God's timing was perfect.  Even when things in my life were horrible, I was able to look back and see how God was working through that time.  So I knew that whenever this baby was supposed to come to us, if at all, it would be in God's time.  If we weren't supposed to have children he would use that in some way.

But, of course, it would be nice if God's timing lined up with mine since I had an app for keeping track of 'when is the best time to get pregnant' and wanted a winter baby so I could have a few weeks off then come back to school and wrap up the year.  I'm not a planner at all! :)

On June 16, Father's Day, we woke up to go to church but I decided I was going to take a pregnancy test because my body just didn't feel normal.  While Tyler was in the shower I took the test and it was positive!  I couldn't believe it.  I ran through the house, quietly, because I didn't want him knowing yet. I told Oliver and he was jumping up and down because I was jumping up and down, and I waited for Tyler to get out of the shower (which seemed like forever!).  He got out of the bathroom and here's the conversation:

Me: Happy Father's Day!!
T: Whatever. (He thinks I am referring to him being the father of Oliver.  He is our baby you know.)
Me: Umm.. no really! (then I go to grab the pregnancy test to show him)
T: Oh my gosh!!  No way!

Then we hugged and said lots of "I can't believe it happened so fast!" and "Oh my gosh!" since we had just wrapped our minds around the idea of having a family.  We said thanks to God and prayed for our little baby, which I had figured was 4 weeks old.  We. were. so. excited!!!  But... we couldn't tell ANYone!!!  This was so hard!  Angie (Barnes) asked me at church that day if I was pregnant.  Talk about a sixth sense!  We wanted to wait until after we had an ultrasound to tell people about our pregnancy.  I hadn't been sick so far, and my mom and sister said they never got sick, so I thought pregnancy would be a breeze.

We went to Big Cedar for the weekend, this is my one month picture!
Yeah right!

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