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Friday, November 2, 2012

Week... 24

I am so behind!!!  I know where my camera is now, but have been too busy to think about taking pictures with it.  I've taken pictures with my phone, but don't have the internet at home yet to upload them to the computer.  ANYway, week 24 has been exhausting.  Parent-teacher conferences were Monday and Tuesday, Halloween was Wednesday so my kids were nutso, and I've just been waiting to go to sleep since Monday night.  Any amount of sleep I get just doesn't seem like enough!  I also sleep with 4 pillows now... Tyler is not a fan of this :) but we bought a new bed on Friday so hopefully I can relinquish a few pillows.  It's a Tempurpedic mattress so we're basically sleeping on a heavenly cloud of goodness.  We got a new headboard/footboard too, so now when people come visit they actually have their own room to stay in!  And a bed!  And their own bathroom!  So everyone come over because I'm excited to have visitors- but wait until we finish painting first :). 

Tyler painted our laundry room, the color is Crystal Blue by Valspar.  Got it from Lowe's... I took one of my favorite colored shirts into Lowe's and tried to match the color.  It's pretty close!  Kind of a blue-tealish color, very appropriate for a laundry room though.  We also got a new washer/dryer and they are AWESOME!  The dryer is mega tall, I don't have to bend over to get things out of it.  I mean the combo is massive so we don't have a lot of room to walk to the garage but it works.  Tyler is painting Mason's room BM Hale Navy.  I'm pumped- the look I'm going for in his room is very crisp, and Hale Navy is very dark with a gray tint, which will look great with the white trim and different shades of yellow accented throughout.  Meanwhile, our living room has 5 samples of gray on the walls.  Finding the right shade of gray is tough!  The first shade, BM's Platinum Gray, looks like a baby boy blue when the light hits it.  No thanks.  I really should put pictures up!  I'll do that and then explain all the colors. 

I started prenatal yoga this week.  Wow.  So... going from bikram to prenatal yoga is QUITE the change.  It is very much a restorative yoga rather than cardio, strengthening or flexibility.  It's awesome for prego's who are slightly uncomfortable throughout the day because of their bellies that throw off their equilibrium and such.  We did several positions that are helpful during labor (ohh the ominous labor) and then several other poses that were just extremely comfortable.  I felt energized after the class!  And of course it was mentally a great thing to practice.  I am really glad I'm going it but it's nothing like hot yoga.  I will have to take up some other sort of exercise that makes me sweat a little! 

This week was the first week where I had a hard time getting out of bed because my belly is large.  It's also funny trying to balance because my weight is thrown off!  The greatest discovery is that my rolling chair in class sinks down to fit below a kindergarten table, so instead of walking around during journal time I roll around.  It's fun being eye level with them, also fun to be sitting instead of bending over the whole time.  When I'm sitting down slightly reclined, that's Mason's favorite position to kick me.  So during journal time he kicks and the kids all want to feel my ninja baby.  Sometimes I say "he sleeps during the day but when I try to go to sleep he kicks me" and one kid said "I can't believe your baby is nocturnal!" ha, yes!  We talked about bats last week, they are learning something! 

  • How far along? 24 weeks
  • Total weight gain? 7 pounds!!  I'll go to the doctor on the 15th and will have my official weight gain then.
  • Stretch marks? Not yet but MAN I am feeling stretched out! 
  • Sleep? Can't get enough. 
  • Best moment this week? Tyler has been eating lunch with me sometimes when he works the night shift.  It's so nice to have him around because I haven't gotten to see him much this month.  He's either been on vacation in Washington, or he's working when I'm at home and he's home when I'm working.  One of those months!  I think November will be back to normal though.  He makes me laugh and I like him.  So glad he's my husband! 
  • Miss anything? I miss being able to get out of bed without a heave-ho.
  • Movement: Allllll the time, the kids call him ninja baby.
  • Food cravings: Still love Rice Krispies.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick? No.
  • Showing?  Very much so!
  • Gender: Boy
  • Labor signs: No
  • Belly button in or out: Halfway out- it's sticking out of my shirts now.
  • Wedding rings on or off? On.
  • Happy or moody most of the time? umm is exhausted an option?  I feel happy when I'm not tired.
  • Looking forward to: Having Mason's room painted and getting the crib put together.
  • Baby's fruit size: Canteloupe

    1. This week WAS THE LONGEST EVER!!!!!!!!!! I bet you are extra worn out! Enjoy the weekend!

    2. Last week seems like it happened a month ago! I hope you enjoyed your weekend too - still looking for the perfect shade of gray. Our living room is slowly turning into 50 Shades, literally.