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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Week 30

Me, Mom, Mason!
 This week has been great! My shower in Texarkana was so fun. I really enjoyed getting to see my family, and also a lot of ladies who I've grown up with. I feel so blessed that all those people gave us gifts when I don't even go to that church anymore.  I felt very loved!  All of the ladies want to see Mason when he comes so we will definitely have to make a Texarkana church visit.  Here's a few pics- I couldn't figure out how to arrange them so it's kind of a jumbled mess.

My family who came to the shower.

I had a helper to open presents.
Case loved being around his Gigi!
I had this face for a few gifts because I didn't know what they were- I was glad that Jessica and Mom were there to explain. :)
My hostesses!  They are awesome!
My Mimi and Meemaw.  So good to see them!
The shower was a Saturday brunch, so after it was done we went back to mom and dad's house for lunch.  While the girls were at the shower, the guys played golf.  Dad and Uncle Allen against Jake and Tyler- Jake and Tyler won bragging rights for a year!  More family was able to come over for lunch and then we took pictures in my parents front yard.  Every time Uncle Allen is around we take pictures because he has fancy cameras and likes to use them.  Here are some pics!
Our family of 4 that has 9 people now!

My mom's side of the family

The pictures turned out really cute!  I'll probably put some in Mason's room or around the house.  We drove back Sunday afternoon (after we had Chicken Express of course) and got back in the evening.  It's Tyler's birthday week!  Also after Friday (his birthday) he has a long stretch of time off so he is excited for Friday to get here.  (written on Saturday-) What an exhausting week!  I went to bed at 11 last night and woke up at 11am.  I haven't slept that long in a long time, might as well enjoy it while I can.  On Thursday night I sang with my friend Onetta at the church Young at Heart Christmas party, it's getting harder for me to take big breaths and sing but we worked with it!  

  • How far along? 30 weeks
  • Total weight gain? 16 pounds
  • Stretch marks? Not yet, but I am beginning to see the first signs of "the line".  At first I thought it was a big stretch mark.
  • Sleep? Sleeping just fine, haven't had to get up in the middle of the night to pee very much.  Maybe once or twice this week.  Oliver has had to pee in the middle of the night a lot this week so he wakes me up and that's annoying.  Tyler has been sleeping in the other room because he's been sick all week and doesn't want to spread the sickness.  Hopefully he feels better soon!
  • Best moment this week? Hanging out with Tyler for his birthday.  I was sneaky and got Amycakes Take&Bake cinnamon rolls for him and woke up before he did on Friday to bake them.  This wasn't hard because he was sleeping in the other bedroom.  The hard part was keeping Oliver from running into his room because Oliver misses him being in bed with us.  He's spoiled rotten.  We ate breakfast together before work (which we never do) and then after work we went to see The Hobbit at the B&B Theater Marquee Suites.  Watching a movie in a recliner while being served dinner?  Yes please.  This week was exhausting for both of us so watching a movie and relaxing was perfect.  The movie is great too except I didn't realize it would abruptly stop!  Didn't know this movie was a trilogy.  That info would've helped before watching.
  • Miss anything? Being able to see my lower stomach, especially when that's how tall all my kids at school are.  I never know what I will see until I look in the mirror.  Tape, glitter, glue, boogers, you name it. 
  • Movement: All the time and very swift, once I felt him over on my side almost near my back.  He must have really been stretching out.
  • Food cravings: I've wanted Spaghetti-O's this week.  Weird.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick? On Wednesday at school around 9, I got really light headed and weird feeling.  I was hot but didn't have a fever, but yet my arms had chill bumps and I still felt warm.  I just felt like I needed to sit down and drink ice water.  I asked my doctor (well, his nurse practitioner since he was in a delivery) about this at my Thursday appt, and she said it was probably my blood sugar getting low. Solution is to eat something small, drink water, and rest until I feel better.  She said it usually happens if you eat something sweet right before (I had eaten banana nut chocolate chip bread) or if you haven't eaten in awhile.  This was the first time since 12 weeks that I hadn't felt well, but it's good to know there's a solution to the problem.  
  • Showing? Yep!
  • Gender: Boy
  • Labor signs: No
  • Belly button in or out: Let's just say it has its own shadow.
  • Wedding rings on or off? On.
  • Happy or moody most of the time? Happy
  • Looking forward to: On Sunday night, Kelsey and Dabe (SIL & her BF) are coming to town and staying until Thursday night, and on Thursday night my best friend/college roommate Jayci (who is also 3 weeks behind me in her pregnancy) and her husband Lee are spending the night with us!!!  AND Friday is my last day of school for 17 days, hello Christmas break!
  • Baby's size: Cucumber


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