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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week 38

What a difference a week makes!  I hate to complain but that's what a lot of this post is. :) Last week I wasn't very uncomfortable, but then on the weekend it hit me.  Tyler's mom (Debbie) came over on Saturday and helped clean the house, it was SO nice!  I helped but wasn't much help because 1) I move so slow and 2) I can't bend over or reach for things so she really did most of the work.  It was such a blessing!  On Sunday we went to Brian & Ashley's to watch the Superbowl and I was having contractions all night, off and on.  Nothing big but enough to make me uncomfortable.  I went to school that week and walking around wasn't bad, until Thursday.  I literally started contractions at 9am and they didn't stop until my doctor's appt at 4!  Again, nothing big but enough where I felt very uncomfortable, and needed to rest.  It's hard to rest when there are 19 5-6 year olds under your watch.  When I walk around at school it's turtle speed!  Today (Saturday) has been so nice and relaxing, it's amazing how much better I feel when I'm not walking around all day.  Tyler and I are just hanging out doing nothing and it's amazing.

So Mason might come next week.  I'm ok with him coming any day except Valentine's Day.  That will probably be the day he decides to come!!  Here's why- imagine if he ever gets a girlfriend, he will always be expected to do nice things for this girl on HIS birthday.  Poor guy.  Tyler thinks he won't care.  If he comes before Valentine's Day that'd be fine too because I really don't want to go to work this week.  My sub is lined up, my lessons are done, and I'm ready to not be around the kids.  I do like them!  But right now I don't want to be around them.  I know that teaching up to this point has been a blessing, because if I was sitting at home doing nothing everything would go by slower.  At least I have things going on every day to take my mind off of being uncomfortable!

Here are things that (before I got pregnant) I expected to happen during pregnancy, and in italics is actually what has happened to me:
I would gain weight all over.  I feel like all my weight has been in my belly, or maybe it's just that my belly is so big that it makes everything else on me look smaller.
Stretch marks. This doesn't make sense, I have stretch marks from when I was little and had a growth spurt so naturally I thought I'd get them when I got pregnant.  Not so.  Not complaining!
Moodiness. I haven't been moody except for the last month, most of my pregnancy has been enjoyable except for the first 3 months of sickness.
I thought my belly would be big around 3 months. I didn't start really showing until 5-6 months I think!  I expected to look pregnant a lot sooner than I did.
I thought I would want to eat weird things. I think the definition of "craving" for me isn't that I want to eat weird things, but that I want to eat certain food immediately.  At certain points I have wanted a grapefruit and HAD to have one right then, I feel like I NEED to have an Icee stat... things like that.
My social life would be over. This hasn't happened at all!  But I sure thought it would.  I'm thankful to have great friends and a pretty awesome husband.  My future will be filled with lots of social things, but probably things I've never done before that involve kids too.

I'm ready to start working out again and getting my normal body back.  After my recovery time, hot yoga here I come!

  • How far along? 38 weeks
  • Total weight gain? 24 pounds... not sure how I lost 2 pounds, maybe I wore lighter clothes at this doctor's appt.
  • Stretch marks? Still none.  I think I'm going to make it!
  • Sleep? Yes.  Today I slept until 10:30, then realized it would probably be my last Saturday to sleep in!
  • Best moment this week? Last Saturday Debbie came over and helped me clean.  It was so nice!!  
  • Miss anything? It's difficult to get around, and when I do get around it's in slow motion.
  • Movement: Allllways.
  • Food cravings: Not necessarily.  I like ice cream, Icee's, sushi, peanut butter sandwiches but not all at the same time.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick? Sometimes I feel nauseous (that word has way too many vowels) but I think it comes with the last 2 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Showing? Nah. :)
  • Gender: Boy
  • Labor signs: Thursday at school was rough - I literally had contractions all day long starting at 9!  It was very uncomfortable.  I went to the doctor that day and had dilated to 1cm and am 70% effaced.  Most of my contractions come in the middle of the night, they wake me up but don't last very long so I try not to freak out.
  • Belly button in or out: Still out.  My kids still like to poke it.
  • Wedding rings on or off? Off- I think I'm a tad bit swollen, and it just feels more comfortable to not have anything tight on my finger.
  • Happy or moody most of the time? Still moody, mostly anxious because my body has been crazy this week and I don't know what's going on!
  • Looking forward to: going to the doctor on Tuesday, it's my last schedule appt.  If I don't have him before then, we're going to "make a plan" and it'll be nice to know that he will at least be out by a certain date.
  • Baby's size: Pumpkin
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