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Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 11

This is the frame in the video.
Told Debbie and Terry (Tyler's parents) at a Saturday morning breakfast, gave them a picture frame- very exciting!!  Told the rest of the family too, relieved that people can finally know!  Starting to feel a little better at this point, still throwing up occasionally.  On Tuesday of this week I went to Eureka Springs with mom.  It was a fun trip.  She made me get up and walk around, which I hadn't been doing because I felt so bad.  I needed it though (thanks mom!).  You have to walk up and down so many hills in that town!  I think we walked up every one.  I started to eat better there.  Not full meals, but close.  We went to have a spa day but they couldn't massage me since I wasn't 12 weeks pregnant.  Sad day!  But we didn't let it get us down, still had fun.  It was nice hanging out with mom and getting an energy boost. 

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