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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week 5

So up until this point I had been wake boarding, doing hot yoga 4 times a week or more, and just having a fun summer out of school.  Week 4, the week I found out I was pregnant, was easy and I felt totally fine.

In week 5 my body started to hate me.
I started to feel nauseous a lot of times, not just in the morning.  I got some Preggie Pops for it and started drinking ginger ale.  Not only was I nauseous but I was extremely bloated and gassy.  This combo caused me to not be able to eat very much.  I wouldn't even feel hungry, food was the last thing I wanted.  I started taking prenatal vitamins, but they all made me sick.  I threw up every day.

Back in March, I had scheduled an appointment to see the OBGYN on June 28.  I went in thinking I would just tell them 'oh by the way I'm pregnant' and they'd just adjust- not so.  I told them I was pregnant and they said 'well that's a whole different appointment, you'll have to reschedule'.  Ah!  I really wanted to visit with my doctor for 3 reasons- 1, I had a lot of questions, 2, I just wanted to meet him, and 3, I was going to Mexico in 2 weeks and had LOTS of questions about that.  I ended up meeting him, thank goodness, and he is the BEST!  I'm so thankful that he's going to be taking this journey with me and Tyler.  At that checkup I weighed 138 pounds.  He said everything I was experiencing was normal, and eased my mind about traveling to Mexico.  I thought 'if this is normal, why do people enjoy being pregnant?!'

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