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Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 12

Trying really hard to look pregnant!
Sympathy belly.

Finally starting to show a little!  It just looks like I need to lay off the donuts.  Bought some maternity jeans and they're AWESOME and feel so much better than my other jeans.  I'm way overdue for a hair appointment, my roots are horrible.  Doctor said I couldn't get one until week 12 so I scheduled one this week.  Open house for Kindergarten is on the 9th so I'll be busy working in my room all week.  Starting to feel better!  Craving grape juice and pickles.

This picture was taken right after said hair appt., right before I went out with my friends Emily and Staci for fondue!


  1. You are too.stinkin.cute! Seriously...Love your blog!

  2. Heyyy first comment! Thank you! :)