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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 19... and THE name!

    I feel like this week was pretty significant, it was the first time that I've really felt uncomfortable with my belly.  I think I stretched a little more (so of course I'm putting on the cocoa butter every day!) and I can feel him kicking more and more.  

    We've decided to name him Mason Kyle Barnes.  There's no family ties to the name we just like it!  It's a strong, solid name that's easy to transition from an adorable baby to an adult.  I only knew 1 Mason growing up and he's a nice guy.  Apparently Mason is a popular name for babies born within the past 5 years or so, but I teach Kindergarten and I only know 1 Mason out of 100 kids.  He's a good kid too and wasn't in my class so I don't have any memories associated with that name.  I can't say the same for Connor, Rylee, Madison, Matthew, etc.  I have a long list of names that I could never name my child because I already have kids in my life with that name!  It's so weird that... 1- there is a baby in me moving, 2- he has a name now, Mason, and 3- Mason is going to be our son FOREVER.  I know those are simple things but they are mind blowing!

    • How far along? 19 weeks
    • Total weight gain? Not sure but I've been eating more and I feel like he's growing really well, so hopefully some!
    • Stretch marks? No but I've finally busted out the cocoa butter to help prevent those.
    • Sleep? I can't sleep on my stomach anymore at all, just my sides and back.  I'm not supposed to sleep on my back for very much longer either.
    • Best moment this week? Tyler put the house on the market and we've already gotten several inquiries!  No promises yet but at least people are interested in renting, I really thought we wouldn't have a lot of interest because of the time of the year.  Feeling blessed!
    • Miss anything? I REALLY wanted a Slim 5 at Jimmy John's today but I resisted the urge.  I was going to heat it up so I could officially eat the lunch meat but it's just better cold.
    • Movement: Off and on, I can't wait until Tyler can feel him from the outside.
    • Food cravings: Pickles make me feel good.  It's strange.  I love Rice Krispies too, still.
    • Anything making you queasy or sick? No.
    • Showing?  Yes
    • Gender: Boy
    • Labor signs: No
    • Belly button in or out: In
    • Wedding rings on or off?  On.
    • Happy or moody most of the time? I was so moody this week.  I had a breakdown one night about lots of things that had snowballed and I just needed to unload the stress and cry it out.  They were silly things but it felt so good to get it off my chest and talk to Tyler about everything!
    • Looking forward to: Ozark vs. Nixa Friday night football to watch Levi play.
    • Baby's fruit size: Mango


    1. Love the name! So excited for you both! Enjoy every sweet moment :)

    2. Thank you!!! I love being able to call him Mason. It seems so natural, we love it.